About Filadelfia Bible College

The College is dedicated in training and developing church leadership in this vast nation of India. It is our passion to see graduates ably lead the church, and make a positive difference in the society, equipped with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Filadelfia Bible College is associated with AETEI and its degree programs are accredited by Asia Theological Association.

A Word From Our Principal

Welcome to Filadelfia!

We are pleased to have you as a part of the FBC’s Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program. You will join a growing number of Christian leaders who desire to develop their ministry gifts and understandings by pursuing doctoral studies while remaining in their ministry context. Our DMin program has been initiated to equip Christian leaders with knowledge, skills, and passion to revitalize the Church and fulfil the ‘Great Commission’ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

As an accredited Seminary of Asia Theological Association, it is our goal to offer educational programs for the formation of effective Christian leadership that integrate vibrant spirituality groomed in the character of holiness, livable biblical interpretation, culturally relevant theology, and exceptional ministerial and missional engagement to build up the Kingdom of God.

With the initiation of a DMin program, we desire to develop a passion for academic excellence among Christian leaders to increase knowledge and skills for biblical theological and missional practices and thus create leading-edge knowledge on biblical interpretation, contextual theology, and mission-ministry practices valued by those in the academy and the Church.

We look forward to working together with you. We want the Doctor of Ministry program to produce “leaders worth following.”

Finny Philip, Ph.D.


Our History

Filadelfia Bible College was founded in 1981 by Dr. Thomas Mathews, Mrs. Mary Mathews, and Bro.Thampy Mathew with a vision to train young men and women to lead the church and be a light to the nations, playing a transformative role in the community. Over the course of last 42 years, the college has grown in leaps and bounds, and has established itself as one of the leading colleges for theological education in South Asia

Our Vision and Mission

Filadelfia Bible College’s vision is to prepare Christ-like and Spirit-empowered ministerial and missional leaders who are spiritually vibrant, biblically sound, theologically balanced, Spirit-empowered, ministry-equipped, culturally sensitive, and fully dedicated to serving God’s people and passionately influencing the world.

In faithfulness to the Lordship of Christ, the College seeks to be ‘a Light to the Nations’ (Is. 42:9) by equipping native men and women with knowledge, skill, and passion to revitalize the Church, and fulfil the ‘Great Commission’ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The College seeks to produce spiritual leaders, who hear the voice of God, communicate the Gospel with passion, lead with authority, minister with compassion, and convey the resurrection power of hope.

The College endeavors to integrate biblical and theological training with practical skills essential for effective witness and ministry.

The College engages to cultivate Christian life and experience, to strengthen students’ commitment to Christ and to have a close and developing relationship with God.

The College attempts to provide a forum for discussion, research, and publication that seeks to address the aspirations, needs and challenges of the context and culture.